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Die Rückfahrt mit dem Zug von Aguas Calientes und dem Ankunftsbahnhof (Ollantaytambo oder Poroy) kann in der Zugkategorie Expedition (im Preis inbegriffen) oder Vistadome durchgeführt werden (gegen Aufpreis).

  Expedition Vistadome
Type of carriage Regular Panoramic (big windows and glass ceiling)
Snack Extra charge
Hot and cold beverages Extra charge

Departure Aguas Calientes Aguas Calientes
Arrival Ollantaytambo Ollantaytambo or Poroy1
Timetables Afternoon or evening1 Afternoon or evening1
Duration of the trip Approximately 3 hours 301 Approximately 3 hours1

1The arrival station, timetables and duration cannot be known in advance. They depend on the railroad company and available spaces, trains, number of carriages and timetables. We only have that information some days before the date of the trip.